We can all have our good and bad days however when depression takes hold it can feel like there is no escape from the darkness. If you are suffering with depression you may feel very alone and isolated, you may have people telling you to snap out of it and just cheer up. You may feel very mis-understood. While you may feel like there is no end in sight, counselling and psychotherapy can help support you in the pain and darkness of all that you are feeling.


The poem here at the bottom was written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and captures for me some of the experience of depression. Some people are able to hide or mask the depths of their depression during the daytime so that they may continue to function in life however, during the night the full force of their sadness, loneliness, depression descends and takes hold. For some though, it is not possible to cover up the depression and proceed as normal during wakeful hours. This can be very debilitating leaving the person feeling overwhelmed, withdrawn and isolated.


I believe there is hope for those who suffer with depression. It can take time to work through and recover from it but support is available to work through it. If you are feeling depressed I encourage you to seek support from a therapist. If you are living with someone suffering with depression, I also encourage you to seek support as it can be very challenging not to let the depression impact on your life.








Night Tears by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


There is a crying that happens at night that does not come while the light is with us.

There are things that cannot be evaded once the sun goes down.


Small nocturnal creatures with sharp white teeth silently gnaw at the edges of belly and heart when the darkness descends

and the void inside grows larger.


It can split you open.


And the bone in the centre of your chest aches like the cracked wishing bone from the turkey breast.


And if we are strong enough to be weak enough we are given a wound that never heals.


It is the gift that keeps the heart open.