About Counselling and Psychotherapy

People can experience difficulties and challenges in all walks of life and can become stuck or have difficulty working through these difficulties on their own. Counselling provides a supportive and caring environment to enable a person to speak about the experiences that are impacting their lives and to explore their feelings.
The counselling session takes 50 minutes and normally takes place at an agreed time every week. The duration of counselling is different for each individual and can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months or longer. At all times the individual has the choice to bring counselling to an end. This is usually discussed in advance to ensure the counselling relationship can be brought to a successfull end.
The first session provides an oppertunity to explore what the individual needs from therapy. This session is also used to explain the counselling process and discuss confidentiality, fees, cancellation policy and weekly appointment times.
Cancellation Policy
I adopt a cancellation policy within my practice. Clients are required to give 48 hours notice otherwise the cancellation fee is applied and where possible one week notice is requested. The cancellation policy is discussed within the first session.

“Its impossible” said pride.

"Its risky" said experience.

"Its pointless" said reason.

"Give it a try" whispered the heart.